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Welcome our new member, Brad! He was recommended to us by a good friend when we decided we wanted to become a 5 piece. The decision was made to allow us to get more creative with vocal harmonies, arrangement and to help us keep even more energy during our live shows. 

We are very excited for this addition and look forward to the future when shows are back on!


Rhythm Guitar and vocalist Ben filling out the sound with arpeggiated chords that climb to the dusty end of the neck, whilst his voice sings his truth of life growing up in Bury. Photo taken at our first headline show, Jimmys, Manchester. 22/06/19


Lead Guitarist Sam shredding the sounds of psychedelia through pedals that ooze wah wah and delays that help create the distinctive Suave Martyrs Guitar Sound. Photo taken by Matt O'Donovan at Suave Martyrs Presents, Royal Park Cellars, Leeds.14/03/20

Rare shot of Fidel Basstro! Just need to

Our Bass Player Stu shredding fast, funky 

bass lines laying down the gritty foundation of Suave Martyrs.

Photo taken at Dave Sweetmores 12 Hour resurrection 14/02/19


Biscuit bashing the baggy beats and tight grooves that build the energy of our live shows. Photo taken by Matt O'Donovan at Suave Martyrs Presents, Royal Park Cellars, Leeds.14/03/20

New banner is made just in time for our

Suave Martyrs have written and released a new single from which all proceeds will go to help the unpaid staff at Bury FC. 


As some of our members are from Bury this topic is close to home for us as a Band so we are selling the single for £1 on Bandcamp, though supporters can donate more if they wish to do so. 


Despite their promotion to League 1, Bury are under deep financial pressure and it is hoped that this single will allow them to continue to be a part of Bury for years to come. The football club is a vital part of the community knitting together families across the town. It is an epicentre that rides the highs and lows with their supporters. Bury cannot lose the historic centre of the community and go the way of so many other small clubs.  

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